For your next gym sesh

When it comes to packing for the gym, it’s important to remember that simplicity is key. Carrying just-in-case items can act as an extra weight that should be gotten rid of, which is why YFC has compiled this guide to make every gym packing experience less confusing, and heavy.


Starting off simple, carrying the right pair of footwear to the gym can boost performance. According to a recent study, 60% of gymgoers wear the wrong footwear to the gym!

shoes 1

2. A water bottle

A key to staying on top of your game at the gym is staying hydrated hence why a water bottle with at least 1-litre capacity is a must.

water bottle 01 1

3. Gym Towels

Towels have the ability to retain and absorb water at a better capacity than your clothes. Not to mention the snazzy selection of colours offered to make for the perfect sweat-absorbing companion to the gym.

gym towels 01 1

4. Disinfectant wipes

Covid has altered what a usual gym session would look like from the mask and stress-free days of 2019. Carrying a pack of your trusted disinfectant wipes can make using shared machines a hygienic encounter.

wipes 01 1

5. Snack Bars

A perfect, guilt-free munchable is sure to satisfy those post-workout cravings. Having one with you at all times can save you from larger post-workout junk-filled cravings.

snackbar 1

6. Fitness Tracker

Something people forget about is tracking their progress. Trackers such as YFC have your Fitness journey in its best interest. Unlocking any achievement whether big or small can provide you with the motivation you need to continue in order to live a fitter, healthier tomorrow.

gym tracker01 1

7. Headphones

Another absolute essential for most is headphones. For when you want to blast your feel-good hits and your confidence boosters, headphones are a must.

headphones01 1

8. Deodrant/ Perfume

Deodorant and perfume come in handy for a quick fix for sweat-ridden clothes. Buying a travel pack size of either can make your sessions odour free.

perfume01 1