Welcome to the gym! Let’s be honest, starting a new fitness journey can be both exciting and intimidating, representing a significant change in lifestyle. Change is essential for long term growth but there will be many unknowns involved.As you embark on this new adventure embracing this change is crucial for long-term growth, despite the inevitable unknowns that accompany it.In this blog post, we’ll discuss what to expect during your first two weeks at the gym, providing insights and tips to help you succeed and stay committed to your fitness goals.In the first two weeks, incredible things await, however there are many layers to it and it’s up to you to manage your expectations

The decision to join a gym is often driven by the emotional desire to improve one’s physical appearance while anticipating how much better we will feel if we reach such a goal.However, it’s important to acknowledge the discomfort that comes with change. Over time, the unfamiliar will become familiar, and your confidence will soar.Before we dive into all the exciting and life changing benefits to look forward to, let’s look at some of the challenges you will face in your first two weeks and how to approach them to stay on track.

Anytime we have a change in environment we should change our thinking to a positive one because it forces us to think and act differently without overwhelming ourselves.Don’t overthink things and just focus on doing something, even if it’s just a little.Asking for help is a sign of strength, and soon you’ll feel at ease in your new surroundings.

We are all in different areas of our life and each person’s journey is unique.No one knows your story and as long as you adopt a learning mindset you can focus on your own personal improvement and concentrate on your personal growth without being affected by others’ progress. Remember, everyone starts from nothing.

Developing a healthy expectation of what changes you would like to see as well as adopting long term thinking will allow you to understand that at first the changes are small but they have an accumulative effect.Our bodies take time to adapt to changes and if you can stick to the process you’ll soon witness remarkable results.Patience is key. It’s still the beginning of an incredible journey with some ups and downs along the way.These challenges will certainly come with some discomfort. Anticipating these challenges will provide a long-term perspective because they are inevitable. This will help you process them properly and not let them overwhelm your thinking which could possibly lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms or worse, not go back to the gym at all.Now there are some benefits that we don’t often anticipate but they will amplify your ability to deal with the above challenges and most importantly they will improve your quality of life exponentially.The sooner you can divert your focus to these incredible benefits you will enjoy the process so much more.

Some health benefits might be little at first such as Improved heart and brain function, healthier blood sugar management or cardiovascular function but let’s look at some of the really amazing changes that people often overlook!

Exercise has a direct impact on mood and energy levels. It can make you feel happier by releasing endorphins, relieving tension, and boosting physical energy and mental clarity.This is one of the main reasons why people make huge efforts to stick to their exercise schedule especially when life gets stressful.

The initial process of sticking to a routine can provide a sense of purpose and achievement.The biggest benefit of committing to your first few weeks is the formation of a clear sense of direction and self-worth and trust me this is a great feeling!

Regular exercise is linked to improved sleep quality.It might feel counterintuitive to burn energy to get more energy but once you experience it for yourself you might have some of the best sleep you’ve had in a long time.Even in your first two weeks it can help regulate sleep patterns, relieve stress, and enhance overall relaxation, leading to better sleep.

Exercise has been shown to decrease feelings of anxiety and stress.This is probably one of the most important reasons to commit to regular exercise as it can help in managing stress more effectively, leading to improved mental health, relaxation, and a reduction in anxiety.Your confidence and self esteem could reach new heights!

We tend to forget about these incredible benefits. When people reach their initial physical goals they point out how these benefits are actually the biggest reasons for their increased happiness and improved quality of life.It’s important to remember that our emotional reasons for wanting to improve is a great reason, however the wide range of benefits for both physical and mental well-being will soon highlight to you the importance of regular physical activity in promoting overall health in so many wonderful ways.There will be setbacks and times you want to quit but in your first two weeks it’s most important to not overthink the process.

Embrace the obstacles and just show up for another day. Happy exercising!